Community Information

Greeneview Local Schools sent a survey to all parents enrolled in grades PreK-12 during the FY19-20 school year. Our current results show an average of 8.7% of our enrolled students at Greeneview Local Schools are without home Internet access. While some school work can be completed without Internet access on our student devices, other school work may require access to the Internet. Research projects, instructional videos, and other educational websites outside of the Google Docs suite cannot be completed without Internet access. To assist our high school students, who lack Internet at home, we will have a limited amount of mobile hotspots available for daily checkout in our High School library starting in January 2020. We believe providing an option to access to the Internet is necessary so students can continue to complete school work on their district devices outside of the school day.

Search your address for local providers in your area for internet access in the Greeneview School District area.

Rural providers in Greeneview School district are the following if you live outside of town or off main highways